Goat Simulator heading to PS3 and PS4 in August

Goat Simulator will be available to play on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 starting from August 11, Sony and Coffee Stain Studios have announced. The PlayStation version of Goat Simulator is being developed in collaboration with developer Double Eleven.

The game is already available on the Xbox One as well as PC so if you’ve been dying to see what it is like to be a goat in an open-world with deliberately broken physics on the PlayStation, you don’t have long to wait!

Included in the PlayStation release of Goat Simulator, a new GoatVR mode will also be included, getting you as close to being a goat as is humanly possible.

We’ve been working on GoatVR for some time, and we’re pleased to debut it in the PlayStation editions of Goat Simulator. GoatVR is the most authentic “simulated GoatVR experience” that doesn’t require a helmet or anything,” stated Double Eleven’s Mark Smith. “Although it’s not quite ready yet we felt it better to stay ahead of the crowd and let it out into the wild. We still need to do that part where it connects to an actual headset but for now you can enjoy a simulated GoatVR experience without it.”


Source: PlayStation Blog

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