Meet the Team

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson – Founder/Editor-in-Chief

I am Gaming Respawn’s Founder/Editor-in-Chief and take care of the day-to-day running of the site. You’re most likely to see me chilling in the news section where I happen to spend most of my time covering the latest news.


Ian Cooper – Reviews Editor/Social Media Editor

I’ve been a huge gamer since the late 1980s. My first console was the ZX Spectrum, but I preferred my Amstrad CPC464, both cool machines. Oh, what a time we come from. I provide reviews on games and gaming-related gadgets and accessories for Gaming Respawn, of which I promise to be 100% honest and unbiased. You’ll find me pumping iron, listening to metal, drinking coffee or watching cat videos.


Dom Richards – Associate Editor

I manage the site’s Twitter page. You will also find me reviewing games for the site and, when time permits, writing the occasional opinion piece. I have been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. I mainly enjoy story-driven games with horror or stealth-focused gameplay. I also thoroughly enjoy RPGs, shooters and, well, practically anything! May the Force be with you.


Will Worrall – Media Editor

I’m a freelance writer and video producer living in the UK. I have an extensive collection of retro consoles and board games, and in my spare time I solder stuff together to see if it works. It usually doesn’t.


Daniel Garcia-Montes – Subeditor/Group Features Editor

I’m a reviewer/writer and subeditor for Gaming Respawn. Video games are my life and my passion, though I also enjoy watching movies and anime, reading comics and fantasy novels, and collecting an embarrassing number of action figures related to my other previously mentioned hobbies. Human interaction and sunlight are overrated.


Michael Fitzgerald – Writer

British, Evertonian, grapple fan and passionate about them there video games. Bit of a golden oldy these days, weighing in at a pert 30-something years of age. I’ll be providing reviews, retro features, the odd rant and the occasional article on pro wrestling. I also like a nice pint of Porter now and then.


Anthony Pamias – Writer

Hello, I’m a reviewer/writer for Gaming Respawn. I’m a graphic designer, artist, video developer and someone who enjoys video games, anime and movies. It’s a pleasure working with the Gaming Respawn team.


Jes Taylor – Associate Editor


Daire Behan- Associate Editor