Indie game Firewatch has been a huge success selling half a million copies

Campo Santo’s huge indie hit, Firewatch, has proven to be a big success with the gaming community after the developer announced that it has managed to sell over half a million copies since the game launched on PlayStation 4 and PC last month.

The sales figure accounts for only full-priced copies so the actual sales of the game are likely to be a bit higher than the 500,000 that has been revealed, especially as places such as G2A are selling codes for Firewatch. Currently the game is priced at £14.99 meaning that the game has brought in £7.5m in revenue from the sale of full-priced copies alone.

In addition to selling half a million copies, which is an incredible achievement for any indie studio, Campo Santo were also able to recoup the investment they put into making the game after roughly one day. The budget for the game has been described as being huge for Campo Santo but that it “was modest for a game of its quality and scope”. Firewatch also topped the PlayStation Store’s digital download chart for February.

“Firewatch’s budget, while huge for us, was modest for a game of its quality and scope, but we made our investment back in about one day,” stated Campo Santo in a blog post.

The studio concluded, “We’re so grateful. And relieved. But mostly grateful.”

Campo Santo intend to stay together to work on a new project in the near future as they still continue to patch and work on making Firewatch as optimized and stable as possible. An Xbox One release of the game may also be on the cards as the studio has stated in the past that they would like to bring the game to as many people as possible and that Firewatch’s sales performance would determine whether or not they could consider an Xbox One release.

“We’ll see how the game does at launch, and if there’s a desire for it on other platforms then we’ll explore that,” said co-founder of Campo Santo Sean Vanaman back in early February.

When Ian Cooper reviewed Firewatch last month, he loved the game giving it a score of 85 out of 100, adding “Firewatch is a special number. It’s endearing and mysterious overtone mixed with a memorable narrative and gorgeous setting makes for an intriguing experience.”

However there will be no sequel for Firewatch, sadly.

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