Players Discover How to Quickly Farm Phoenix Credits in The Division

Once you hit max level in The Division, you will need Phoenix Credits in order to purchase blueprints for some of the very best guns in the game. As you would expect, it’s not the easiest currency in the world to come across.

However there is currently a way to quickly farm Phoenix Credits in The Division be heading to a particular spot in the game where you can make use of a respawning boss who drops the currency. It seems that the boss isn’t working as intended by Ubisoft who are aware of the issue and state they are currently fixing it, however for the time being this exploit is a quick and easy way to get Phoenix Credits.

The location of the boss, which is near the Autumn’s Hope safehouse, has been dubbed as The Division’s “Loot Cave”. To discover it, you must spawn at the Autumn’s Hope safehouse and make a right turn until you hit a sign for a cafe. From there, you turn left until you come across a group of enemies and a boss nicknamed “Bullet King”, who is level 30.

The trick is to kill the boss, “Bullet King” while ignoring his friends. Once you have killed him, you can respawn at the safehouse and head back to the location where he will have reappeared in full health. Rinse and repeat and you can find yourself with a healthy stack of Phoenix Credits.

It seems that this glitch only works if you are yet to encounter Bullet King. If you’ve already killed him previously, there have been reports that it doesn’t work so you have to group up with someone who has the glitch to be able to exploit it.

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