Kane’s top 10 most underrated games of last gen – Part 2

Last Gen has been over for a while and the current gen is here and well under way. But it’s good to look back and remember some of the great games from last gen and some of the sleeper hits and undervalued games, that some of us may have just missed out on.

This is Part 2 of my 10 most underrated games of last gen list. You can read Part 1 HERE

(This list is in no particular order).

6. Binary Domain – (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

Now first time Binary Domain came out, I completely dismissed it on its name alone, I then saw a few clips of its gameplay and dismissed it again thinking it was just a generic 3rd person shooter. Boy was I surprised when I finally got around to playing the game. It was the great squad interaction and characters that I enjoyed and cared most about the game, as well as a very interesting story, that kept me engaged and invested, plus a plot twist that emotionally played with my heartstrings.


7. Mad World – (Wii)

Mad World is the second game from developers Platinum games on the list, I easily could have added another Platinum games game called Vanished, which says a lot about them and showcases they are a talented team that can make new IPs. Unfortunately it seems a lot of their games have gone under the radar and Mad World is one of them. The art direction for the game is set in all black and white but with red for blood and believe me there is a lot of blood throughout the game. Mad World is as violent as they come and with a rating of M for Mature and being exclusive to the Wii, which is generally thought as a child safe console with no violence or bad language, the game never really got the recognition it deserves.


8. Alpha Protocol (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

Known as the poor man’s Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol had a lot of promise but when first released it was a buggy and broken mess, combat didn’t work very well and game suffered from a lack of polish. And it’s a shame because there was a good game hiding under all the mess. The narrative and dialogue system stand out as the games most redeeming qualities. I thought it was very interesting that the dialogue choices were based off three of the most bad ass personalities in film and TV; The 3 JB’s, James Bond (professional) Jason Bourne (suave) and Jack Baker (aggressive).


9. Deadly Premonition (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

One of the weirdest, confusing, strangest and quirky games out their. Deadly Premonition has slowly turned into a cult classic. Receiving mixed reviews across the board from low scoring reviews giving it a 2, and some high scoring a 10, as well as a bunch of game winning awards such as (Best Worst Game) to (Most Critically Polarizing) among others. So it’s clear that this game isn’t for everyone but it’s worth the play through in this truly unique open world, survival horror. Deadly Premonition is very self aware and the game is full of funny moments. and something of a YouTube sensation with Giant Bomb’s Deadly Premonition hilarious endurance run.

10. Catherine (PS3 and Xbox 360)

A game about relationships, weird sheep, crazy dreams and box puzzles, doesn’t sound interesting any day of the week and the demo didn’t do anything to sway my mind. All that into account this is a game made by the brilliant people who made Persona 4 so i had to give the game a chance. Catherine is a very unique game that took a great deal of risks. Firstly we had an adult oriented themed game, that revolved around sexual and more mature adult issues. The story is where Catherine shines its best and it’s helped as its well told by the great cut scenes and art style of the game, shame that its only let down are the gameplay puzzles and annoying difficulty that doesn’t match the rest of the game.


So there you have it my 10 underrated games of last gen, let us know if you’ve played any of the games or would have added something different.


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