Fallout 4 players will be able to romance their companions

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, it may be hard to find love, especially when that man/women showing you a romantic interest may be more in love with your pouch full of bottle caps than your caring, kind-hearted and compassionate personality in a world void of all those traits.

Thankfully, Bethesda appreciate the need for love during tough and testing times as Fallout 4 will allow players to fall in and out of love with their companions as they travel throughout post-apocalyptic Boston. Therefore you will be able to romance your companions, whether they be male or female regardless of your own gender.

At the Fallout 4 presentation at Quakecon, Todd Howard revealed that there would be about a dozen different companions who can accompany the player throughout the game, although only one can join you at a time. This is in addition to Dogmeat however.

Details about how exactly romancing would work in Fallout 4 weren’t revealed unfortunately so we will have to wait for more details although we expect it to be somewhat familiar to how it worked in Skyrim, which allowed players to get married to NPC’s and move in together.


Todd Howard had good news as well for those who wish to play as a lone wolf as a special perk will be available to those who wish to play without companions.

Source: PCGamer.com


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