HandHeld Legend Game Boy Color TFT Backlight V2 Kit Review

Last year we took a look at HandHeld Legends Backlight Gameboy Color Kit and compared it to Benn Venn’s Frackle Shack, and now we take a look at their Color TFT Backlight, the second version (v2) of that kit. Usually it’s $60, but now it’s on sale for $54, and it’s also back in stock. What has changed with the new version? Well, the brightness control is no longer a wire and is now a ribbon cable, which is a major plus. I got one of the old models from their last batches last August, so it’s great to get my hands on the new v2.

The Game Boy Color was my first ever handheld, so it’s amazing to have a backlight kit that’s super easy to install in one of my Game Boys and relive classic nostalgic Game Boy games with new life breathed into them with the new kit. Once I quickly installed the kit, I started playing with it in no time, and of course, the first game I had to put in was Pokemon Silver. I continued playing my save that night until I went to sleep and continued every day that week.

I do wish that Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries would make the Game Boy last for more than 8 hours of gameplay, but it was better than the 4 hours I got with my rechargeable AA batteries. However, I do want the best gameplay out of this new Game Boy, so I also installed a rechargeable lithium battery, with which I can get a good 20 hours of gameplay out of.

Down below is the video of my quick installation and my thoughts on this Color TFT Backlight. I give it a rating of 9.8/10, and yes, even with its one somewhat con (that it’s a tiny bit smaller), the kit is still amazing for what it is as a simple drop-in backlight kit without any modifications.

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