Rumour: Rockstar Games Casting for Bully 2?

Bully 2 is one of the most heavily rumoured games to be in development right now. Part of that is due to fans’ desire to see a sequel to the original Bully game; after all, it’s been well over a decade since Rockstar first introduced us to “Jimmy” Hopkins and the Bullworth Academy.

The latest rumour that has hinted at a Bully 2 release suggests that Rockstar Games may be casting actors for a sequel. As first spotted by Comicbook, Pinewood Studios, who have long been rumoured to be working with Rockstar Games, issued a casting call last month for an unannounced video game that sounded very much like it could be Bully 2.

The listing from Pinewood Studios stated that they were seeking someone to portray a “Male School Bully” character who would be between the ages of 13 and 17. While this character would not be the main lead in the game, they were listed as being a “friend” of the main character. Due to the nature of the character, it’s easy to see why people have begun linking this to Bully 2.

The guys over at Comicbook reached out to the casting director, Sarah Lynch, to see whether or not this casting was for Bully 2. Unsurprisingly, Lynch declined to comment, stating that she was unable to disclose any information on the project, although she didn’t confirm it was not for Bully 2. While Lynch’s response was pretty standard, it has at least left the door open for the slight possibility that this might be Bully 2. On previous occasions, however, when Pinewood Studios have put out casting calls for roles that seemed to fit Bully 2, they were able to confirm when asked that the projects in question at the time were not Bully 2.

Earlier this week another rumour around Bully 2 began to circulate, which suggested that the game may have been confirmed by a Rockstar developer after an account posted a comment on a YouTube video suggesting it was in development. However, the account didn’t match the typical troll stereotype, leading some to think there may be something to it.

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