Horizon Zero Dawn Celebrates Two Year Anniversary With 10 Million Copies Sold

Horizon Zero Dawn has been one of the PlayStation 4’s most successful exclusive titles since it released back in 2017. As the game celebrates its two year anniversary, developer Guerrilla Games has revealed that over 10 million copies of Horizon Zero Dawn have been sold worldwide in that time.

In a post uploaded to the PlayStation blog, Managing Director of Guerrilla Games Hermen Hulst reflected on the team’s journey that led to them creating one of the most popular PlayStation 4 games.

“It’s hard to believe that two whole years have passed since we released Horizon Zero Dawn,” he said.

“When the game launched on February 28, I was attending GDC and counting down the minutes with a group of fellow Guerrillas and Shuhei Yoshida. Early feedback suggested that we had something special on our hands, but we never suspected that we’d still be receiving daily messages of appreciation from our players in 2019.”

He continued, “And yet, here we are, already well over 10 million copies sold worldwide; the idea that we were able to bring Aloy’s journey to so many players is astounding.

It’s clear that Guerrilla Games weren’t expecting Horizon Zero Dawn to take off in quite the way it did, even though they believed in the game they had created. Hulst went on to reveal that by selling over 10 million copies of the game, the team have been moved by seeing just how invested people still are in the game.

“We’ve been deeply moved by the enormous amount of fan creations you’ve posted online, as well as the heartfelt letters you’ve sent sharing your favorite moments from Aloy’s journey.”

This time last year, it was revealed that 7.6 million copies of Horizon Zero Dawn had been sold within a year of the game’s release, making it the best-selling new first-party franchise to release on PlayStation 4 at that time. 2.6 million of those copies were sold within the first two weeks of the game releasing on February 28th, 2017.

If you own a PlayStation 4 and still haven’t had a chance to pick up Horizon Zero Dawn, we strongly suggest you check out our review to see why you should absolutely give it a try.

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