Rumour: Was Bully 2 Confirmed By Rockstar Developer?

Following the release of Red Dead Redemption II, attention has turned to which game Rockstar will release next. One of the most heavily rumoured games to be next is Bully, 2 but as of yet there’s been no announcement from Rockstar.

Fans of the original Bully game, first released back in 2006, have been hoping that a sequel is on the cards for many years. In that time there have been a number of rumours that have hinted at a sequel, including one that stated that development of Bully 2 wouldn’t begin until Red Dead Redemption II was finished.

Now that Red Dead Redemption II is in gamers’ hands, the rumour mill has started up again with the latest rumour claiming that a Rockstar developer confirmed Bully 2 is in development in a YouTube comment.

Last month, YouTuber SWEGTA released a video titled “BULLY 2 – Leaked Concept Art & Soundtrack Samples”. In the comment section of the video, an account named Alex Martens posted a comment saying “Bully 2 is indeed in development.”

At face value, most people would take this comment as nothing more than a troll. However, on closer inspection, it seems there’s a chance that this account could belong to a Rockstar developer who may have been a bit too eager to spill the beans. At least that’s what everyone’s hoping is the case.

What is giving everyone a glimmer of hope that Bully 2 is ‘indeed in development’ is the fact that there is an Alex Martens who works for Rockstar Games as a Technical Designer. While that doesn’t necessarily prove that this YouTube account belongs to THAT Alex Martens, the account was made six years ago and has over 100 subscribers, which will cast doubt on it being a troll for the simple fact that someone is unlikely to set up a troll account six years in advance. The YouTube account also contained an actual profile picture, not common for troll accounts. Since the rumour started circulating, the account has removed the profile picture and changed its name to just Alex M.

SWEGTA has since released a new video highlighting that comment and stated that he believes there’s a possibility that this might be genuine.

“Personally, I think there might be something to this (big emphasis on “might”),” SWEGTA said.

“This to me sounds a lot like a developer who got a bit too excited about the secrecy of a project and decided to make a quick little comment. I could be wrong, but it’s pretty much impossible to say.”

This rumour is nearly impossible to prove one way or another. While it does seem plausible, and there’s some evidence suggesting it might be the actual developer who works at Rockstar Games, there’s also a chance this is nothing more than a fake account. Or it is the real Alex Martens just trolling everyone. In any case, we won’t know for sure until Rockstar announces Bully 2, if at all.


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