Football MMO 90 Minute Fever Heading to Steam Early Access on July 12th

90 Minute Fever will be launching on Steam Early Access later this week on July 12th and will be the first true football MMO available on the platform.

The football MMO is being developed and published by indie studio Isokron and has been in development for several years. The game was added to Steam’s Greenlight program earlier this year and was quickly greenlit by the community, proving to be very popular amongst Steam users.

In 90 Minute Fever, players will be able to create their very own football club from scratch using the game’s club creation tool and compete against other real-life managers in an attempt to bring glory to their club. Matches are played out in real-time via an interactive live match simulator which allows you to make tactical changes and substitutions on the fly based on how the match is going.

Currently, 90 Minute Fever has all of the core features you would expect from a football management game with plenty more features being added over the course of Early Access, including staff, stadiums, manager profiles, and youth leagues to name a few. Numerous updates will be released as well which will improve and expand the core components of the game.

90 Minute Fever has been in closed beta testing since late last year with 100s of active testers taking part which has seen average daily playtime per user sit at 2.5 hours.

If you want to find out more about 90 Minute Fever ahead of the game’s Early Access launch, you can check out our interview with the developers here. Also be sure to keep an eye out for our first impressions review of 90 Minute Fever!

Check out 90 Minute Fever on Steam now.

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