Fallout Shelter Hits PC Later This Week

Fallout Shelter will be making its way onto PC later this week, Bethesda has confirmed on Twitter.

The official Fallout Twitter account tweeted yesterday that there are five days to go until the Fallout Shelter will be released on PC, although depending on whether or not they included Saturday as part of those five days, the game will release on either Wednesday July 13th or Thursday July 14th.

In addition to launching on PC, Fallout Shelter will also be receiving the major 1.6 update on mobile which will add new locations, enemies, and characters to the game. There will also be a new combat system added as well as players now being able to send their vault dwellers out on quests into the Wasteland.

Bethesda hasn’t revealed any information though about what will be different in the PC version, if anything. Currently, Fallout Shelter is free-to-play and comes with microtransactions, so it will be interesting to see whether or not the PC game will launch with the same pricing model or if it will instead have a one-off purchase fee.

Fallout Shelter on mobile has been a huge success for Bethesda having been downloaded over 50 million times already since its release last year.

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