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Bee Simulator Review

Bee Simulator is available to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It was released on 14th November 2019. The game was developed by VARSAV Game Studios and published by BigBen Interactive. Bigben Interactive have published a variety of video games. Alongside their video game catalogue, they have an array of accessories available to purchase on their website. They have audio, smartphone, tablet and video game accessories for sale.

Bee the Hero

Bee Simulator offers players an action-adventure story filled with charm. You play the role of a brand new bee, and you quickly learn what it means to be a bee. After a short tutorial on how to control the bee, you discover that humans are trying to destroy your home. You will take on the responsibility of being the hero of your hive. But before you can become a hero, you will need to fulfill some of your other bee duties. This will include collecting pollen and taking it back to the hive because it will be used to make the hive stronger.

You will also need to complete a variety of challenges, fight off some dangerous enemies to your hive, and you can also complete some side missions. The side missions are more for helping others outside of your hive. When you have finished the story for Bee Simulator, you will be able to roam the game world freely. There will be plenty of side missions and challenges for you to complete if you wanted to finish them off, or you can just fly around and enjoy being a bee.

Bee Abilities

Throughout the world of Bee Simulator, there is a variety of interactivity available. During the main story, you will learn how to use your stinger to attack humans and other animals. You can also interact with a variety of human food by eating it and using it as a sort of energy boost to fly faster. The energy boost is shown through a meter that runs down when you use it. When your energy boost meter runs empty, you can always refill it by eating more human food or by collecting flowers. There are different types of flowers to collect in Bee Simulator. You can use a special type of vision to show you the different types of flowers that are represented by different colours. Sometimes you will need to collect a specific type of flower and a set number of them. This is where your special bee vision comes in very handy.

Busy Bee

As I have mentioned, Bee Simulator offers players a variety of challenges that are separate from the story and side missions. They are presented by a beam of light and come in different colours to represent the type of challenge. When you enter the beam of light, you will be asked if you would like to take up this challenge. Some of them involve dancing to take directions, chasing another bee, fighting off another bee or enemy and a lot more.

The great thing about these challenges is that they are fun. They are spread out across the map, and when you find one that you enjoy completing, you will find yourself looking out for them and getting a bit excited when you find them again. The only issue with the challenges is that they aren’t actually very challenging; in fact, they are extremely easy to complete. When you begin the game, you can choose to play on an easy difficulty or a hard difficulty. Even with the hard difficulty selected, they aren’t challenging enough.

An Educational Message

Throughout Bee Simulator, there is a very strong message about saving bees, and the whole game just shows you how important they are. During the opening credits and throughout the entire game, you just feel like you are being educated but in a very beautiful and charming way. Not only will you learn a little something, you will have fun doing it. Because of the way that the story has been made, it feels very wholesome and family-friendly. After you have learned an important lesson and completed the story, the free roam is all about just having fun being a bee.

What’s Been Overlooked?

There are only two main issues with Bee Simulator. As I have mentioned, one of the issues is that it isn’t very challenging. Even on hard mode, it doesn’t really bring much difficulty to the table. In a way, I guess that helps the game when it comes to a younger audience. The game is very family-friendly, so I guess it shouldn’t be too difficult. But as an adult, I would have enjoyed more of a challenge.

The other issue that I found with Bee Simulator is with the graphics. Now, the graphics on the bees themselves, the flowers, the hive and general landscape are perfect, but the humans and other animals in the game don’t look so great. Because the humans and animals are extremely blocky and rigid, they don’t blend in with the rest of the game. The rest of the game is so beautiful and vibrant, but the other animals and humans are just very dull. The humans in the game don’t speak, instead they make a strange noise when they communicate with each other and yell out the occasional “ouch” when you sting them. Because of the graphical issues here, I feel like it breaks the immersion of the game completely, and I was disappointed to find that they weren’t very animated.

Developer: VARSAV Game Studios

Publisher: BigBen Interactive

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release Date: 14th November 2019

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