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Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition Review

The Farming Simulator series is definitely a unique kind of game series. It is by far and away the best way to experience what farm life is like from the comfort of your own home.The Farming Simulator community is in the thousands, with forums and multiple YouTube channels dedicated to the game. Thankfully, Farming Simulator is not an annual release like FIFA or WWE 2K. There is an obvious reason for this as Farming Simulator is a game that requires a serious level of commitment. In the career mode, to build a farm that performs well and has all the mod cons, you will need to put in a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears. Even then you will need to put more time into the game if you want to complete all of the challenges. Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition kind of sits as a mid-cycle refresh for the game.

The developers have used this release to try out some new features that they could implement into the next version of the simulator series. The thing that this expansion brings is a new type of farming equipment class, which is called CLAAS. It doesn’t sound like a lot, and it really isn’t, but the game itself is very fun and does not really need any big tweaks, though if you already own the base game, it is hard to justify buying the expansion.

This new CLAAS is very aesthetically pleasing, kind of like the Mercedes of farming equipment. That is a very apt description as they do make a wide variety of vehicles. However, when you think about it, why did they think to add more types of vehicles since the base game comes with over 380 different types of farming equipment?

When you think about the game as a whole, it is mightily impressive. All the vehicles are recreated in such vivid detail that it is like you’re watching actual farming. As a newcomer to the series, there is a tonne to take in. The game does provide you with a few basic tutorials that mostly teach you how to delegate to your employees, which you definitely want to do because the tasks can become very overwhelming if you try and take it all on yourself. Apart from these basic tutorials, there is not much guidance provided by the game.
The way you get new equipment is by doing jobs for other farmers that will earn you money to get new equipment or even chickens. The main sound effect you’ll constantly hear from this game is the grinding of machines, which can become a little dull after a while. There is an in-game radio, but it doesn’t have the most exciting stations in the world. There is multiplayer as well if you get lonely on the farm.

Whilst the vehicles look good, the other textures and graphics could use a lot of work. All your livestock reproduce except your horses, which does stop you from being like Peter Griffin in that one episode of Family Guy when they get a horse (you know the scene I am talking about). The horses are for riding, brushing and selling. To make the most of them, they need to be ridden often so they are fit and will be able to fetch a good price at the market.

Overall, if you are a keen farmer and do not already own Farming Simulator 19, then the Platinum Edition is the edition to get. This is because it has more vehicles that will be of interest to you. I would not recommend this expansion, however, if you already own the base game. Farming Simulator 19 is not for the casual gamer, but it is for the hardcore farming community.

Developer: GIANTS Software

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Release Date: 22nd October 2019

Do you agree with our review of Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition? What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments below.

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