Esper VR PSVR Review

Esper VR was originally released on the 3rd March 2015. At the time it was available to play on Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Mixed Reality and as part of Esper: The Collection on Oculus Rift. The game has recently been released again to play on other platforms on the 29th June 2018. Esper VR is now available to play on PlayStation VR, Oculus Go and HTC Vive. Esper VR is developed and published by Coatsink Software, which was founded in 2011. They have a passion for creating unique and innovative video game experiences.

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What Is Esper VR?

Esper VR is a first-person puzzle game set in 1975. Certain members of the public have begun displaying extraordinary abilities, and as expected, the government panicked and locked them up in a secured facility to undergo tests. You spend the game sat at a desk performing telekinetic tasks to test your abilities. Throughout the testing, your abilities seem to grow. Even though the story sounds quite intense, it is very laid back. There is a male voice-over that guides you through the testing, and he wants to make the tests as challenging as possible to gauge the full extent of your strength. The voice-over is quite sarcastic, and some of the comments he makes will give you a giggle.

Is That It?

The biggest problem that I have found with Esper VR is that it is extremely short. When I first started playing, I had expected a full normal length game, instead I ended up finishing it within an hour. I understand that the game is not very expensive to purchase, but still, when I finished playing the game, I felt a bit deflated.

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I kept thinking something was going to happen. I felt like I was going to bust out of the facility, or the testing was going to take me somewhere that they could use my abilities to help solve crimes, but that was not the case. The game is entirely based in one room, and it feels like it is all over before it has even begun. The ending to the game is quite sudden and abrupt, and I wasn’t actually expecting to see the credits. I played the game with my husband and my friends in the room and, when I finished the game, I turned to them and actually said, “Is that it?”. They just burst into disappointed laughter. They wanted to play the game, but they would just be repeating what I had already done.

It Is Fun Whilst It Lasts

Even though Esper VR is a very short game, it is a lot of fun. Some of the tests were quite challenging and took a bit of thought, whilst some were very easy to complete. There was a great balance of feeling like a boss and feeling quite dumb because it took a while to figure out certain puzzles. I also enjoyed the fact that everything is done through telekinesis. It made me feel like my brain was extremely powerful.

Throughout the game there were power surges that seemed to make the abilities stronger. Whilst completing the tests, I found myself excited for the next power surge to see what was going to happen. I think Esper VR is perfect as a party game. I normally play my PlayStation VR when I have friends over, that way everybody can have a go, and I think Esper VR will be a game that people will enjoy trying out.

Developer: Coatsink Software

Publisher: Coatsink Software

Platforms: PSVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Mixed Reality

Release Date: 3rd March 2015 (Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Mixed Reality and Oculus Rift), 29th June 2018 (PSVR, Oculus Go and HTC Vive)

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