It Looks Like Prey 2 May Possibly Still Be Released

Prey, a decent but yet forgotten game released back in 2006 on the Xbox 360, could finally have its sequel released after years of troubled development.

Aliennoire have tweeted that Arkane Studios (the studio that brought us the incredible Dishonored) will be announcing Prey 2 during their E3 press conference on June the 14th .

There is no source to the rumour, however, this claim might be strengthened as seen in this tweet which states that the domain for has been updated as recently as the 21st of May to redirect traffic to a hidden Prey 2 facebook page.

Prey 2 had been in development for years under Bethesda and caused a lot of excitement back in 2011 when this cinematic trailer was released at E3 that year. However, the studio then cancelled the production in 2014 after years of setbacks. Bethesda Softworks VP Pete Hines said at the time ”it was a game we believed in, but we never felt that it got where it needed to be”.

Could we finally see this game that promised so much but got lost in video game development limbo?

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