Final Fantasy XV release date leaked for Sept. 30

Square Enix will release Final Fantasy 15 on September 30, 2016, according to a report from GameSpot. However this early leak comes before any official announcement from Square Enix‘s own Final Fantasy 15 Uncovered event, which is scheduled to happen within 24 hours in Las Angeles- that’s 7 PM PT or 10 PM ET.

It’s said the event will reveal the official release date as well as two new trailers that have been released in a Chinese advertisement and are now on YouTube. The first video is of a new demo of the game that will reportedly be released later today. The demo features a younger version of the game’s protagonist, Noctis, and will show off the game’s final visuals and combat mechanics. Players who complete the demo, will get an exclusive Carbuncle summon when Final Fantasy 15 launches later this year.

The second video shows off some amazing Final Fantasy 15 artwork created by Yoshitaka Amano, who is known for contributing to numerous entries in the series so far. He is most notably providing the box art for the games.

You can watch a stream of the Final Fantasy 15 Uncovered event  on Twitch and YouTube and also see the two new videos down below.

[Source: Polygon & GameSpot ]

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