Final Fantasy XV Director talks game details ahead of release date reveal

On 30th March Final Fantasy XV will finally get a release date, nearly ten years and one name change later. Since its initial announcement in 2006 as ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’ the game has gone through an entire console generation and went from a spin-off game to a full-fledged main series title, to say this game is long awaited is an understatement. Ahead of the reveal the Director, Hajime Tabata, went into further detail on some of the finer points of the game during a NicoNico Livestream hosted by the Japanese game magazine Famitsu.

As production of the title nears completion the average playtime for the main scenario has been nailed down to 50 hours, this is a ten-hour increase of the previous 40-hour estimate that had been earlier stated by Tabata.

At the moment the Final Fantasy 15 development team is currently making optimal balances to the game to meet their intended goal of getting the game to run at a stable 30fps, Tabata goes on to say that if they are not able to meet this goal then “the studio will do something different”. while Tabata did not elaborate on this statement it should be noted that he did not go into detail on the games resolution, simply saying it would be revealed at the live event next week, perhaps the target resolution will be related to the potential frame rate issues with a possible 900p resolution over the expected 1080p.

Final Fantasy 15 will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, no information has been given for any potential PC at this time.

Source: NicoNico

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