The Division’s map will be six times bigger than the beta when the game launches next week

If you took part in The Division’s closed beta earlier this month, you may have been a little worried about just how big the map will be come launch, however one Reddit user has claimed they have worked out how much of the map was unlocked for the beta and in the process revealing that the final map will be just over six times bigger than the area we were allowed to roam around in during The Division’s closed beta.

Judging by his calculations, the beta map represented only 17% of the total map area that will be available in the final version of the game. He also worked out how much bigger the final map will be without the Dark Zone which is said to be 7.74 times bigger than the beta map without the Dark Zone.

If you were wondering how big the Dark Zone will be in the final game, it will be 3 times bigger than the Dark Zone we got to experience in the beta.

The Reddit user posted a picture of the game’s map showing the rough size of it.

Early in February, a YouTube video was also doing the rounds which showed The Division’s map size compared to Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout 4’s map. While the latter two games worlds are bigger, The Division’s world is still relatively big and if Ubisoft’s claim that the world will be packed with encounters, it will hopefully prove more than enough for us to run around in.

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