Street Fighter V Releases To The World Today

The fifth installment of the highly acclaimed Street Fighter series releases today for the PS4 and PC.

After a teaser trailer was released a tad too early, its been a long wait for us Street Fighter fans but now Street Fighter V is finally here. Reviews are already beginning to roll out praising its refreshing, old school vibe and balanced gameplay and that unique new V-System but not for its lack of single player content although Capcom have announced that single player story content will be added in March.

We shall have a review of our own here at Gaming Respawn in due course.

With every Street Fighter entry, Street Fighter V brags about its new character roster mixing the old and a few new ones, four in fact. F.A.N.G., Necalli, Laura and Rashid all join veterans Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim and M.Bison and returning fighters Karin, Rainbow Mika and Birdie in Capcom’s latest brawler. Pick it up today!

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