The Division Beta on PC has serious issues with cheating

The PC beta of The Division is full of players cheating and ruining the beta experience for genuine players. Players are giving themselves advantages such as infinite ammo, super speed and invisibility, why are they doing this who knows. Now the real question is how will this effect the game when it launches next month, it will definitely have a huge impact on sales of the game, and pre-orders are bound to drop. Ubisoft servers aren’t the best as we’ve already seen with last year’s Rainbow Six: Siege, and now it seems The Division’s whole infrastructure is very vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

One player on Reddit had this to say, and explains it all nicely.

Almost all stats (excluding currencies and health) are calculated and stored on the client, and server just accepts it without any checking. You can have unlimited ammo in a mag, super-speed (this, actually causes players to go invisible also), any desired critical chance, no recoil, unlimited medkits and nades and so on and on.

And another player states how easy it is to do and the effects it has for other players.

The Division in its beta form lacks any form of anti-cheat or server-side checks for the majority of its values and statistics. If your client tells the server you have maximum ammo in your clip, or a billion experience points, or that the threshold to go up in experience points is one, the game will shrug its shoulders and say okay. Much like a single-player game, if you modify the files to have infinite ammo, you will – a bit more of an issue when you can use that to ruin the experience for others.

The Division releases next month, and this is going to be a test time for Ubisoft, they can’t release the full game if it will suffer the same exploits so easy. And even if they do manage to fix it for the full release, hackers will always find away to do what they want, could this be the future of what The Division will look like on PC? If so I’d rather they delay the game until they work out a way to limit it and penalize the offenders.

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