The Games to Look Out for in February

The first month of 2016 is over, January is no more. January is always a funny month, full of hope and promises of “new year new me” they say!. Until February comes and reality kicks in, new years resolutions forgotten and broken and having to look forward to another year of getting older. But hey at least there is some cool games to play in Feb.

Here’s a short list of some interesting titles you may want to check out during Feb

American Truck Simulator – 2nd Feb (PC)

If it’s always been a dream of yours to drive a big American Rig, a beast of a vehicle, a thing of beauty wind in your hair and that countryside air. Well the closest you may ever get to that is in American Truck Simulator. You’ll get to drive some of the most famous American trucks all across the USA. Remember it’s not driving, its trucking.

Gravity Rush Remastered – 2nd Feb (PS4)

Gravity Rush is one of the PS Vita classics that not many people got to play. It has been fully remastered in HD running at 60FPS for the PS4, in time for when Gravity Rush 2 comes out later this year for the PS4. The game’s cool unique feature is how you control the character Kat as she is able to control gravity, just try not to get all dizzy when you are upside down.

XCOM 2 – 5th Feb (PC)

Turn-based tactical game XCOM 2 is the sequel to the amazing XCOM: Enemy Unknown which came out last gen and rebooted the series. XCOM 2 takes place 20 years after those events, and the XCOM programme needs you again. This game is going to be huge and the devs plan on letting the modding community get their hands on the tools that will provide more content to the game. XCOM 2 could last you well into next year so go get your Humans vs. Aliens game face on!.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia – 9th Feb (PC, PS4, XBO)

The last game in the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles 3 part saga of different games. ACC: Russia always looked the most unique and interesting one out of the three to me. Having not played the others in the series this will be the first one I do just on the setting alone. Playing in a cold snowy Russia using guns with bayonet sounds like fun. It’s nice to see them experiment with the series although the constant yearly games have become very repetitive.


Firewatch – 9th Feb (PC, PS4)

Firewatch follows the story of a volunteer fire lookout in the aftermath of the Yellowstone fires of 1988. Communication and character relationships are an important part of the game. Taking the walkie-talkie interaction from the player’s relationship with Atlas in Bioshock, as well as the dialogue system from The Walking Dead. The player’s choices will influence the tone of his relationship with Delilah, his only form of communication as you investigate what’s gone wrong and why.


Unravel – 9th Feb (PC, PS4, XBO)

The game Unravel and the red yarn creature thing created a lot of internet buzz for being visually gorgeous and creative with a peaceful nice soundtrack. This game is full of charm, personality and with tight gameplay mechanics. This looks like it could go down as one of the most well received Indie games of the year.

Valkyria Chronicles – 10th Feb Japanese Release Only (PS4)

A game ahead of its time which is a shame because its one of the best games on PS3 last gen that nobody played. The small minority of people who did will know this is a PS3 gem. JRPG with turn based combat similar to how XCOM plays gameplay wise. Valkyria Chronicles has a great cast of characters, an emotional story, fun gameplay mechanics and the best presentation ever to have graced a video game told in the form of a book with pencil drawn art style and a touching soundtrack.

Street Fighter V – 16th Feb (PC, PS4)

HADOUKEN!! Street Fighter V is finally upon us, so you better warm up those fingers, I hope you have good muscle memory as well as the ability to remember your favourite character’s c-c-combos. I’m trash at the game, so if your ever playing a Ken or Ryu spamming nothing but HADOUKENS!! and the occasional Shoryuken to mix it up, well I’m that noob. HADOUKEN!.



Fire Emblem: Fates – 19th Feb (3DS)

Fire Emblem: Awakening hit the 3DS and became an instant hit with new and old gamers of the franchise. The Fire Emblem games always try to add something new and different to the mix but it’s the core gameplay that hasn’t changed since the original that we still love to this day. Awakening was supposed to be the last entry in the franchise but because of the huge success, Fire Emblem: Fates was made. There will be two different versions of the game, Birthright and Conquest two different games with some assets shared between them.


Far Cry: Primal – 23rd Feb (PS4, XBO)

Far Cry: Primal is taking a slightly different approach to the past two games, Far Cry 3 and 4. Primal is set in the stone age times, with wildlife such as mammoths and saber-toothed cats. There will be different tribes in the game and no longer will you be able you buy weapons, you’ll have to craft them yourself, weapons such as spears, clubs, axes, and short-ranged weapons like bows. So it’s not Far Cry 5 but it isn’t Far Cry 4.5, maybe this is the start of the Far Cry series branching out and trying new things. Pirate spin-off next please.

Rocket League – TBA Feb (XBO)

Rocket League finally comes to Xbox sometime this month, and they are in for a trick. The weirdly addictive gameplay shouldn’t work on paper, but it just does. Playing football/soccer with a huge ball controlling your rocket car will bring you countless hours of fun and laugher.



Next Month I will bring you the games you should look out for in March. Until then, have a lovely February

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