The Division 2’s Day One Patch Will Be Twice as Big on PS4

Ubisoft has revealed that The Division 2 will be receiving a day one patch, which will take up a hefty 50GB of hard drive space on PlayStation 4, nearly twice the size required on the Xbox One.

As a result of the day one patch, the total install size of The Division 2 will be pushing close to 100GB on the PlayStation 4, with the core game files estimated to take up between 48-52 GB of space, although Ubisoft has added that the actual size of the game may vary slightly based on where you are in the world and your preferred language.

According to a blog post put out by Ubisoft, those who have purchased a physical copy of The Division 2 on Xbox One or PC will be required to download and install the day one patch. With the initial install plus the patch, users will need 48-52 GB of free space.

If you’re on PS4, however, The Division 2 will require 90-100 GB of free hard drive space once the game’s original file size plus the day one patch are taken into account.

Here’s what Ubisoft had to say:

XBOX ONE AND PC: If you purchased the game on disc, begin by installing the game. You will then be prompted to download and install Title Update 1; expect a 48-52 GB download, depending on your region and preferred language. Whether you installed the game from a disc or bought it digitally, the final HDD install size, including the patch, will be 48-52 GB.

PS4: If you purchased a physical copy of the game, begin installing from the disc. Provided you are online, your console will simultaneously download Title Update 1 while you install it. Expect a 48-52 GB download, depending on your region and preferred language. Whether installed from a disc or downloaded digitally, the final HDD install size, including the patch will be between 90-100 GB.

In addition to the large Title Update 1, another smaller update will need to be installed before playing the game. Title Update 1.5 is expected to be a 2 GB download, although this may vary slightly from platform to platform.

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