Steam Winter Sale 2015 begins today!

It’s that time of the year again, Steam’s Winter sale is here just in time for Xmas so you can enjoy a huge catalogue of games over the holidays thanks to the massive savings that will be on offer.

The Steam Winter sale starts today on the 22nd December at 6pm GMT and is expected to last until the New Year, with January 4 said to be the end date for one of the biggest sales in gaming. So be prepared to spend your cold dark nights inside and brace your wallets, because winter is coming!. Steam Winter sale 2015



With 100s of titles on sale there is more than likely going to be something for everyone to choose and play over Xmas, ranging from small indie titles to bigger AAA games, and of course you can just buy something now and add it to you backlog of games that you need to complete before 2020.

Happy gaming people!


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