Rainbow Six Siege sells more physical copies on Xbox One than PS4 in the UK

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege sold more physical copies on Xbox One than on PS4 in the UK, GFK Chart-Track have revealed.

Out of all physical copies of Rainbow Six Siege that were sold, Xbox One sales accounted for 53% while only 47% of physical sales were on PS4. Unsurprisingly, 0% of physical sales were for PC. Although this could be classed as a victory for Microsoft who have often had to play second best to Sony, overall digital sales for Rainbow Six Siege may paint a different picture however no figures have been released by Ubisoft as of yet detailing digital sales of Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege was beaten by Just Cause 3 though in the UK charts. Just Cause entered the charts in fourth place, while Rainbow Six Siege could only manage sixth place, falling behind Fallout 4 in fifth. FIFA 16 retains its place at the top.

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