EA Adds Survivor Mode to FIFA 19

EA have added some new modes to FIFA 19, and they sound like a right laugh. FIFA has always had a kick-off mode from the menu so you can jump straight into a quick game, but now they’ve added some extra features to mix it up.

With battle royale games being the go-to theme for multiplayer games in 2018, I’m sure we’ve all seen memes of FIFA doing a battle royale mode. While we’ve all gotten a laugh out of it, EA haven’t quite gone that far; however, they do have their own take on it.

EA have added a Survivor Mode in which every time you score a goal, the game will randomly select one of your players and send them off the pitch. Now, it does keep in line with the rules of football, you must have a team of at least 7 players before you forfeit the game and lose. Whilst it may sound like chaos, it does add an extra layer of strategy to the game. Do you try and score early on in the game but then lose players, or do you try and hold on until the later part of the match? EA have gone all out and added extra cutscenes for players leaving the pitch, and even the commentary team will comment on players being sent out of the game.

EA aren’t done there though. In the kick-off menu, you can change a setting that allows you to turn off the referee (no fouls, no offside), so you can go nuts on your opponent and be as dirty as you like without being penalized for it. You can even change the rules so that only headers and volleys count as goals.

While some die-hard football fans might not think much of this, for me personally, I think it sounds like a step in the right direction. I’m not much of a football fan, but I enjoy playing FIFA, and this is a great way of mixing up the gameplay when you just want to have some fun with the game, and it will make for some interesting multiplayer matches.

We’ve seen EA mix up things like this before in UFC 3 when they added kickboxing and submission only modes.

FIFA 19 releases September 28th for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

For more information on FIFA 19, check EA’s website here

If you want to see why we loved last year’s FIFA, check out our review here.

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