Steam Summer Sale 2015 to start June 11?

The Steam Summer Sale has become a part of every PC gamers summer for the past several years , burning holes in our wallets¬†and filling our Steam libraries with tonnes of games which we probably won’t ever get round to playing. There were rumours that Steam’s yearly Summer Sale would begin at the end of May or start of June, however according to a a post made by Valve on its¬†VKontakte page, a popular Russian social network, the Steam Summer Sale 2015 will begin on June 11.

The sale is said to start at 20.00 Moscow time and will run until June 20, after which the “Sale Encore” will begin. The encore will run until June 22 and finish at 20.00 Moscow time and will include all the companies who took part during the summer sale.

“Steam Sale starts June 11 at 20.00 Moscow time. June 20 to begin “Sale Encore,” which will involve all the companies that participated in the summer sales”, stated the post on the social network. “The very sale ends June 22 at 20.00 Moscow time. About events and other details so far unknown. Also we advise to read our guidance on sales, not to spend all the money in one day.”

No times or dates have been officially announced by Valve yet in the US or Europe however it does seem plausible that the sale will indeed start on June 11.

Source: VKontakte

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