To the Moon Is Getting an Animated Film Adaptation

The beloved indie classic To the Moon by Canadian game maker Kan Gao is getting an animated feature film adaptation.

Kan Gao confirmed the project in a recent video, though the specifics of who’s involved with the project could not be revealed. The project is being handled by two parties, with a Chinese company handling distribution and a Japanese company handling production. Kan also stated that the budget for the project would be similar to Your Name (though that film’s budget has yet to be revealed either), which hopefully will be indicative of similar animation and production quality.

Kan himself will be involved in the script writing and editing process, being on hand to give guidance and pointers going forward. In Kan Gao’s own words: “A good adaption has the heartbeat of the original, but it also has to have a mind of its own.”

To the Moon quietly came into the gaming scene in November 2011, garnering critical acclaim and an instant cult following. Over the years, the game’s legacy has endured, and it has gained a mass following, and it is still regarded as one of gaming’s best examples of art. To the Moon is still one of my favourite narratives in gaming and my go-to for a tearjerker.

Since To the Moon’s release, the series has continued with 2014’s A Bird Story and a multitude of mini-episodes throughout the years. The latest game in the series, Finding Paradise, was released in late December last year, following the two doctors from the original and the now fully grown protagonist of A Bird Story. It is similarly brilliant as To the Moon, delivering another intimate and moving narrative about life and does a lot to question the central themes of the series.

To the Moon and Finding Paradise are available on Steam now, and updates on the animated film will come on the official Twitter in the future.

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