Fortnite x Avengers: Infinity War Mashup Event Is Live

Thanos has arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale in the new limited time Fortnite x Avengers: Infinity War Mashup event.

This event adds a new mode where 100 solo players will fight over the Infinity Gauntlet as it drops in a random place on the map. Whoever equips the Gauntlet will have access to its power and transform into the Mad Titan, Thanos. It requires some serious damage to take him out, so players will only have access to Rare, Epic and Legendary weapons.

Thanos possesses a handful of unique abilities. His primary attack is a powerful punch that knocks back enemies and destroys structures. The secondary attack he has allows him to shoot a beam that deals damage to rivals over time, and this is enabled by the Power Stone in the Gauntlet. He also has a super jump that lets him vault over pretty much everything on the map excluding the ‘‘largest obstructions’’.

Along with this, his health receives a huge buff, going from 100 to 700. One of the only downsides to playing as Thanos is that he’s marked on the compass for everyone to see. Plus, if a player dies as Thanos, the Gauntlet is dropped, leaving another player to collect it.

It’s been documented that the directors of Infinity War, the Russo brothers, are huge fans of the Fortnite franchise. Joe Russo recently said he and his brother personally reached out to the Creative Director at Epic Games, Donald Mustard, regarding the collaboration.

“Over the past few months, while we were editing Infinity War, we’d take breaks to hop on and get in a few games,” Joe told EW. “And then we started thinking, how cool would it be to have some kind of Avengers–Fortnite mashup? So we stalked Donald.”

From Epic Games website: ‘‘This collaboration started as a simple phone conversation between Epic and Marvel over a mutual appreciation for Fortnite and Avengers. We worked closely over the following weeks to bring these two worlds together and landed on the Limited Time Mashup, Infinity Gauntlet. When we saw the movie last weekend, which was incredible, we were even more excited.’’

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