Steam Summer Sale Has Started…and Steam Servers Are Already Down

Update: 9.09pm GMT

It looks as if service has returned to normal for most people, although the Steam Store is still experiencing heavy loads and is incredibly slow and unresponsive.

However, gamers are now able to log-in back in and access other features of Steam.

Original Story: The Steam Summer Sale has officially begun, bringing with it the annual dose of chaos we’ve come to expect from this time of year. Unsurprisingly, the Steam servers have been experiencing heavy loads since Valve opened the doors at 6pm GMT.

Up until now though, the Steam servers have remained online with the Steam Store being the one area of Steam being impacted the most. Most other features have been working fine until now. As of 8.45pm GMT, Steam is totally down. Like down, down.

That means not only are you unable to purchase any games, but a lot of gamers are having issues logging into the platform and downloading games.

However, whilst we’ve come to expect a few hiccups from Valve around sale time, it appears that the reason Steam is down could be due to a possible DDOS attack rather than the Summer Sale itself.

Earlier today, a hacker group calling themselves CyberTeam tweeted that they would be attacking the Steam servers shortly.

The group haven’t updated their Twitter account since posting that tweet and are yet to claim responsibility for Steam going down.

We’ll keep an eye on the situation.

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