Horror game SOMA has sold 92,000 copies since launch

Horror game SOMA has sold 92,000 copies across all platforms since it launched on PC and PS4 earlier this month, Frictional Games has today announced. Unfortunately for legal reasons, a breakdown of sales for each platform isn’t available.

According to the developer, SOMA sales are still going strong with 2000 copies being purchased each day on average so far. The revenue the game has generated in the first 10 days of its release is said to be enough to cover all of their expenses for the next two years. However SOMA has to sell 3 times as much as it currently has for the game to breakeven and recoup all of the costs poured into the game.

“This is quite good for 10 days (+ preorder time) of sales! The money that we’ve got from this will pretty much pay our company expenses for another 2 years”, said Frictional Games on Facebook. “Sales are still going pretty strongly too, with a total of around 2,000 copies sold per day. This number is bound to drop over time, and it’ll be interesting to see just how fast and where it stabilizes. While a lot of sales obviously come close to launch, a big part of our normal earnings comes from a slow daily trickle over the years of our existing titles. So our average daily sales a month or so from now on is actually more important than all of the units sold up to this point.”

Frictional Games are the studio behind the Amnesia franchise and compared to Amnesia: The Dark Descent’s launch, SOMA has done extremely well. When The Dark Descent released, the game managed to sell 30,000 copies in the first month, with 20,000 of those coming in the first week. SOMA has managed to triple that in ten days. However when compared to Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, it has fell short of 120,000 copies that game sold in the first week.

As for the future, the studio is aiming to achieve 100k sales after a month of being available. At the current rate, they look set to surpass that.

“Our goal for SOMA’s sales is 100,000 after a month, and at the current pace it should be able to reach pretty much exactly that with a few units to spare. However, this doesn’t mean that we’ve come close to recouping all our costs. We need to sell almost 3 times that amount to do that. But given that it took us 5 years to make the project, there’s no immediate stress to do so. One of the great things about funding SOMA 100% ourselves is that all money earned goes into our own pockets and is directly used to fund our upcoming projects. So we are under no pressure to recoup immediately so long as we get enough to keep going – which we certainly have now.”

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