Hello Games Twitter Account Tweets That No Man’s Sky Was a Mistake

No Man’s Sky will probably go down as one of the biggest disappointments of 2016, but despite the controversies that have arisen since the game’s launch in August, Hello Games have always defended their game.

However, the official Hello Games Twitter account has tweeted that No Man’s Sky “was a mistake”.

Since making that tweet, the Hello Games twitter account is now protected, meaning that you can no longer view the tweet in question on Twitter, or any other activity from Hello Games. Thankfully, someone took a screenshot of the tweet to prove that it did once exist.

However, there’s a good chance that the tweet may not have been made by the guys at Hello Games, and instead it looks like their account may have been compromised. That’s because the tweet was posted to Twitter via LinkedIn, suggesting that someone gained access to Sean Murray’s or someone else’s LinkedIn account that had permission to post tweets straight to the Hello Games Twitter. The tweet was deleted quickly after being posted.

Regardless of whether or not the tweet was intentionally written by Hello Games, there’s no denying that No Man’s Sky has fallen on hard times having once been the most anticipated and hyped game of the year. Now, No Man’s Sky is one of Steam’s most negatively reviewed games, ever, with only 31% of reviews recommending the game, and only 9% of recent reviews have given the game a thumbs up.

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