Retailer Leaks Elite Controller for PS4

An ‘Elite’ PlayStation 4 controller has appeared on Target’s website suddenly. The new controller looks a lot like the Xbox One Elite released this year.

Target are advertising the PS4 Elite Controller at £69.99, so it is around £30-£40 cheaper than its Microsoft counterpart. The following is a list of features that Target have listed:

– Bluetooth control
– Rubberized housing for firm grip
– Compatible with Xbox Elite Controller accessories
– Charges with included 9’ braided cable
– Fully customizable buttons and triggers
– Interchangeable Back Paddles with 2 preset configurations
– Preset 1: paddles emulate the front buttons
– Preset 2: paddles emulate RB, LB, RT, and LT.
– Keep your fingers on the thumb stick while executing intricate moves
– Magnetic! Easily attach and remove paddles without any tools
– Compatible with Xbox One paddles for added flexibility

There is no official comment from Sony yet, but it seems like another case of a retailer jumping the gun with an announcement.

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