World of Warcraft loses 1.5 million subscribers

World of Warcraft has continued to lose subscribers in recent years, with numbers falling to 5.6 million players who are currently subscribed to Blizzard’s juggernaut MMO.

In May, subscriber numbers dropped from around 10 million to 7.1 million, therefore losing just over 25% of its player base. However since May, a further 1.5 million subscribers have jumped ship.

The last time World of Warcraft has this level of subscribers was a decade ago back in 2005. The game did hit its peak number of subscribers in 2010, having over 12 million paying customers. Blizzard are faced with an ever increasing decline, having lost over half of its subscribers in 5 years.

However, having 5.6 million subscribers is still a phenomenal amount and any MMO currently on the market would drool over the thought of having millions of subscribers. Numbers did establish and increase following the launch of last year’s expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Blizzard recently released the Fury of Hellfire update which helped stabilize numbers following the decline.


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