First Look At Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay

Gamscom has really only just begun and yet we have already had lots of major announcements, and EA have continued this by giving us the first gameplay trailer of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

The clean, minimalistic world of Mirror’s Edge now looks even more stunning. The use bright and vibrant colours in the first Mirror Edge is what made the game look so beautiful, now with the improved graphics, Catalyst makes the world explode out of the screen.

We get to see Faith free-running in the new open-world environment, making paths a little more varied rather than the single route options. Free-running is smoother and much more fluid which will no doubt help keep it a fast paced game.

This is a prequel, so we are going to see how Faith evolved to become the hero of the later game. From the glimpse of story we get in the trailer it looks like it will have twists just like the first, but let’s just hope it is a little more engaging.

With the announcement at E3, that Faith will no longer be using guns, combat was going to need improvements. It seems momentum is used lot more effectively in combat, using free-running to take out guards quicker. The whole experience looks a lot smoother, with new moves to make fighting enjoyable rather than an annoying disruption.

From what we have seen so far, it looks to take everything great about the first and add what was missing. We will have to wait and see if it gets the same mixed reactions as the first game did.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is due to be released 23rd February 2016.



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