First Look at Sea of Thieves Gameplay Shown at E3

Rare’s pirate adventure game, Sea of Thieves, revealed its first gameplay trailer.

The Xbox exclusive sees players exploring worlds with friends looking for treasure, while having to fend off creatures or even other players who want to steal your loot. This is the developer’s most ambitious project and claims players will have limitless adventures.

The trailer shows players having to work together to sail their ship. They have to lift up the anchor and ready the sails before embarking on their adventure. While the captain of the group takes control of the wheel, the others have to be his eyes and tell him what lies ahead. The real excitement begins when you come across other pirates where a full scale battle rages, and players have to man the cannons as the captains of each ship try to outmaneuver each other.

Players also need to be ready with their repairs if they take too much damage. The gameplay trailer shows the pirates attempting to cover holes caused by cannon fire with planks of wood. Although, their efforts are too little, too late as their ship has too much water on board and sinks to the depths.

If the fighting of ships is not to your fancy, you can always drink some rum at the tavern with your pirate buddies.

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