Nintendo Announces Special E3 Activities

This morning, Nintendo announced that it will have some special events planned for fans during E3. The first of which actually starts today.

If you are a fan of Nintendo’s first mobile “game”, Miitomo, then you should go ahead and check out @NintendoAmerica on Twitter for a collaboration between the mobile app and The Legend of Zelda franchise. The Nintendo account posted a tweet and if it gets a combined 10,000 retweets worldwide, Nintendo will issue a “Link’s new hair wig” as an in-app gift in Miitomo. If it receives 20,000 retweets, Nintendo will then give all Miitomo users a “Link wig” in the app. Check below for the official tweet!

Aside from the Twitter campaign, Miitomo will also continue The Legend of Zelda fun by adding a Zelda themed Miitomo Drop game that will allow players the chance to win some The Legend of Zelda-themed gear for their mii in the app. Players will also be able to use Miitomo coins in Miitomo to purchase The Legend of Zelda collaboration items. An additional The Legend of Zelda collaboration gift will also be available on the My Nintendo website, and players can exchange their My Nintendo Platinum Points for this item.

Also on June 21st, Nintendo will be having an eShop sale where they will be offering discounts on popular games. My Nintendo members will be able to get a special bonus if they are signed in when they make the purchase.

Finally, Nintendo released another image today pertaining to the new The Legend of Zelda game. Just seeing it makes my mouth water. As a big fan of The Legend of Zelda franchise, I cannot wait to see it at this year’s E3.



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