Valve Back Fanmade Star Wars ‘Battlefront 3’

Last month, Russian based developer Frontwire Studios announced (seen here at Techtimes) that they would be remaking the cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and renaming it Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil. Battlefront 3 was initially being made by Free Radical Design who were the studio behind the Time Splitter games. This was obviously cancelled due to Disney’s takeover of the Star Wars franchise and contracting the video game’s license to EA.

Star Wars: Battlefront was EA’s first game released under Disney and it was met with mostly positive reviews and was praised for feeling like a Star Wars game, however, there was a severe lack in content.

Frontwire Studios have received a huge boost in their attempts to make the fanmade version of Battlefront 3, in that Valve has backed the release and given the go ahead for the game to be released on steam. Tony Fergie Romanelli, the man in charge over at Frontwire Studios has said:

It is with great pleasure that as of today I am able to officially announce that Frontwire Studios has officially signed a distribution deal with Steam/Valve for the game Galaxy in Turmoil

Frontwire have also announced the game will be totally free to download; this will be vital in keeping this project alive as Disney could shut this down. However, if the game is not making any profit, and it has Valve’s backing, could we be playing the true sequel in the Battlefront series?

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