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Every Safe Location and Combination in The Last of Us Part 2

Finding a Safe in The Last of Us Part 2 can offer you a lifeline, particularly if you’re running low on supplies. All of the safes in the game contain a variety of valuable resources which are in short supply so searching for them is a must!

In total, there are 14 different safes to find throughout the world, all with their own unique combinations. Unlike in the first game where you just had to find the combination and then approach the safe to open it, you are now required to manually enter the combination. These combinations can be found nearby and any documents in the surrounding area often point you in the right direction.

Here is a guide to every safe location and combination in The Last of Us Part 2.


During your time in the game’s opening sequence at Jackson, there is only one safe to find and this is during the Patrol mission which will see Ellie and Dina clear out a supermarket on their route.

As soon as you enter the supermarket building, you’ll see spores which will prompt you to put your mask on. There will be a crack in the wall which you must go through which will lead you to a room with a door on your right. Go through this door and you’ll spot the safe.

Nearby you will find a note which will tell you that the combination for the safe is the date that the dog won Employee of the month. Head outside the room and into the hallway where you’ll spot an Employee of the Month chart. A quick search for the dog should reveal the date of July 2013. Return to the safe and enter the combination 07-20-13.


Day 1 – Seattle

During the Day 1 section of the game that takes place in Seattle, there’s a total of 4 safes to find. 3 of these can be found in the downtown portion of the map while the last one can be found in Capitol Hill.

Safe 1 – Bank Vault

The first safe can be found in the downtown bank which is located at the very bottom of the map which can be found on the intersection of Cherry St and 6th Avenue. Head down into the bank and on your left will be a room labelled “SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKERS”.

Once in the room, you’ll see a Bank Heist Plan which will contain the code for the safe. The combination is 60-23-06. You should have no problem finding the safe in this room which will contain a pump shotgun

Safe 2 – Courthouse

The second safe is located in the courthouse which you will visit while on your search for fuel. While in the main lobby area you should see some elevators. Next to these elevators will be an office with a locked door but there will be a window which you can smash and vault through to gain access.

Once in the room, you’ll see the safe. The combination can be found on the whiteboard in the room as well as within another note which can be found nearby. The combination is 86-07-22.

Safe 3 – Gate West 2

The final safe in the downtown section of Seattle can be found at the West 2 Checkpoint located on Madison Street.

To gain entry to the checkpoint, head to the far west end of Madison Street where you’ll see a small gate you must squeeze through. Once you’re through, you should be able to locate the safe easily. The combination is 04-51.

Safe 4 – Capitol Hill

Once you’ve finished up in the downtown section, you’ll have to head to the Capitol Hill section. Here there will be a Thrift Shop you can explore by entering through the back door. Once inside, you’ll see a board on the wall to your right which will contain a note that you can pick up. This will inform you that the code is the last six digits of Staci’s phone number however the bottom of the note has been ripped off.

To get the rest of the combination to the safe, you’ll have to enter the bathroom where you will see a message written on the wall stating, “call Staci for a good time – (206) 555-0133. The safe code is therefore 55-01-33.


Day 2 – Seattle

During Day 2, there are a total of 3 safes to be found, one of which is in Hillcrest.

Safe 1 – Auto Repair Garage Hillcrest

The first safe in Day 2 can be found in the Auto Repair Garage which can be found at the back of the tattoo parlour. The door to the shop is blocked so you must move the dumpster away from the door, however, make sure you’re equipped for a fight as you’ll have to deal with some infected in order to clear the garage.

The combination for the safe can be found in the kitchen of the nearby bar opposite the tattoo parlour. There will be a whiteboard which will contain a note with the code for the Auto Repair Garage safe.

Once you’ve cleared the inside of the garage, locate the safe and enter the code 30-82-65.

Safe 2 – Apartment Building

The next safe is in The Seraphites section. Head down the street and you should see an apartment building but the door is locked. To gain access to the building, go right and down the stairs where you’ll come across a window that you can squeeze through.

Once inside, make your way to the second floor of the apartment building where there will be a locked door to your left. The safe and combination code is inside this room. As the door is locked, you’ll have to smash a window to get to the balcony where you can jump across back to the room. Smash that window to finally gain access.

On the kitchen table will be a letter revealing that the safe combination is the couple’s wedding anniversary, which can be found circled on the calendar in the bedroom. As the date circled is 10-08-13, you’ll have to subtract 30 years given that this was their 30th wedding anniversary. Therefore the code for the safe, which is located in a closet, is 10-08-83.

Safe 3 – Weston’s Pharmacy

The final safe in Day 2 is located inside Weston’s Pharmacy. You can gain entry to the pharmacy through the crack in the wall.

Once inside, look for a note next to the cash register which will include the combination 38-55-23. The safe itself is located at the back of the store. You’ll have to crawl through a hole in the wall to get to it but once on the other side, you won’t be able to miss the safe.


*(Please note that this article will continue to be updated)

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