From Servant to Boss-hood: Becoming a Warlord in Steel and Flesh 2

Imagine yourself walking by a stream of water, with a sea of soldiers following you at your command. You set the rules, you have the final say, and you decide what your army should do and what they shouldn’t. That’s what becoming a Warlord in Steel and Flesh 2┬áis all about.

Becoming a Warlord in Steel and Flesh 2 means you’re the boss. You have all the authority when it comes to battle. You could simply command your army to attack any city you want without you being there. Well…it’s not that easy to get the title of “Warlord”.

Becoming a Warlord takes effort and lots of it. You have to start by being a soldier for a country (by swearing allegiance to a state), gain honor until almost everyone loves you, and then they can promote you to Warlord.


Swearing Allegiance to a State: First Step to Warlord-ship

Swearing allegiance to a state, simply put, is walking up to a king or leader of a country and telling them, “Hey, I love your country, and I would like to be one of your soldiers, if you don’t mind, and serve your country all my life! Could I be your soldier?”

And they say, “Yeah, you could. I’m good with it!” That’s all. No stress.

Now, when you swear allegiance to a state, you simply are giving them full control over you as their soldier. You’re telling them you are ready to fight for them to the very end, with all you’ve got. And if you ever want to break that allegiance, it means WAR! That’s because they own you as their soldier. This means you need to have your own way of getting yourself out of that mess after you break the allegiance, because they’ll all be after you until they break you into pieces.

As a soldier for a country, they’ll send you on missions, like capturing a city, defending a town or village, joining in a war, and stuff like that. And when you do all those things, you gain EXP, coins, and more credibility to complete missions. Now, let’s say you’ve completed 3-5 missions and you’re like, “I want to take this game to the next level by becoming a Warlord!”. You then have to go all around the cities, to all the kings and fellow soldiers, asking if they would support you to become warlord.


Gaining Honor to Become Warlord

You can’t just decide to become a Warlord and then become one immediately. You have to earn that honor in Steel and Flesh 2. When you complete missions more effectively and get kings to vote for you, you increase your trust and honor points. The more honor points you have, the more eligible you are to becoming a Warlord.

Okay, let me break it down. Typically, you become a Warlord if you have a majority of soldiers supporting your decision. And for you to have a majority of soldiers on your side, you have to do lots of missions. When you do missions for the country you have sworn allegiance to, you get credit. That’s because you have proven yourself to be worthy of completing missions effectively. You can do that by answering their calls to duty and staying close to your country’s territory.

Here’s a pro tip: always have an army with you to make it easier for you to complete missions quickly, so that you don’t have to go to cities to buy soldiers in a hurry when duty calls. Then, when you are very credible, you can find the option of “support my decision to become warlord,” and if they support you, you get honor points. You have to go to all the kings in your country and see if they support your decision; some may refuse and call you a rebel, but relax, it won’t lead to war. You have to get a minimum of 150 points before you can become a Warlord.


Becoming Warlord

When you have reached the minimum amount of honor points needed to become Warlord, you can now become the Warlord of the country you swore allegiance to. When you are a Warlord, you have the authority to control all the soldiers in your country, wage wars, and make peace (I guess).

You can tell the kings to besiege a country, and they would go without hesitation and begin the process. Since you are just the Warlord and not the overall king, you don’t have the authority to do certain things in the menu.

Becoming a Warlord in Steel and Flesh 2 ain’t tough and ain’t easy; you just need to know what to do before you can become one.

I was once a Warlord, but since I wanted a country of my own…well…I kinda’ betrayed the country I was serving. And now, I am a king, and I have lots of soldiers, lots of cities, towns, villages, lots of resources, and lots of cash too.

Hey, you, go out there and become that Warlord. Be that boss!

See ya’ll in another post. Until then, Peace!

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