Batman and Harley Quinn Review

If you are a Batman fan, you have probably watched Batman: The Animated Series from the 90s, with Kevin Conroy voicing the Dark Knight himself, and have also watched most of the other Warner Bros. Batman movies, like Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero. Batman: The Animated Series is an unmatched masterpiece and classic by the iconic Bruce Timm, and it’s still one of the best comic adaptations twenty-five years later.

There are a number of different versions of the movie that you can buy; the Best Buy limited edition that contains a figure, book, as well as the DVD, Blu-ray and digital at $35, the limited edition that contains everything else besides the book for $30, the 4k ultra Blu-ray for $35, or you can just get the regular Blu-ray, DVD or digital for cheap.

Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue (a.k.a.: Floronic Man) set out on an ecological quest to save the planet – unfortunately, its backlash would eliminate most of humankind along the way. To save humanity, Batman and Nightwing must team up with Harley Quinn to stop Poison Ivy, her BFF and frequent partner in crime.

The movie went back and used its original style from the original 90s animated television series, which looks even better enhanced and touched up with new technology. This is surely a beautiful tribute visually, to say the least.

There is nothing too bad to say about the voice acting, it brings back the original voice talents of Kevin Conroy for Batman and Loren Lester for Nightwing, not to mention bringing along newcomers Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) to voice Harley Quinn- who is no Tara Strong or Arleen Sorkin, but nevertheless, she does a great job, and Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) who voices Ivy. All of the voice cast brought their A game.

This movie has a number of good points, like the voice acting, its graphics and most of the time its plot seems like it could have been a lost episode to Batman: The Animated Series; however, the bad points focusing on crude humor, like Harley farting in the Batmobile, make it a more comedic Batman movie, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Overall, Batman and Harley Quinn is a good tribute to the original animated series that should be watched. If you are a fan of the classic original art style, then this is a must watch, even though you shouldn’t expect it to be anything like the original Batman: The Animated Series as far as its plot or overall vibe goes due to its mixture of comedy, good voice acting and stunning visuals. It was a fun watch from beginning to end, even with the bigger focus on comedic elements that may not be for everyone; however, the movie is more geared towards Harley than Batman. It’s a different kind of Batman movie that is still worth a watch.

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