How to Find Central Park in The Division

The Division is great for exploring but, unfortunately, one of New York’s most iconic areas, Central Park, is not included in the main game. However, one Reddit user, Chaz630, has managed to gain access to the Central Park area in The Division by using a number of different glitches to gain access.

Central Park does feature in The Division, however it is inaccessible, at least that was Ubisoft’s intention, meaning that it will likely be unlocked in the future to be included in an update or future DLC. Thanks to Chaz though, it’s possible for you to also find Central Park and explore it without being booted from the area for being out of bounds, as is normally the case when you go beyond the map’s border.

In order to reach Central Park, Chaz and his friends were able to glide through certain walls using glitches, including using a ballistic shield and rolling, which led to them discovering the locked off locations. Thankfully, Chaz has created a video showing us how to find Central Park in The Division so we can all discover the hidden locations in the game.

To reach Central Park yourself, you must head to the Dante’s Run safehouse in Hell’s Kitchen. From there, you need to head to the waypoint which Chaz marked in his video. The way-point will take you to a gate wall where you must find a certain point in the gate to run through. It may take several attempts to find the right spot, but once you do you’ll glide straight through the gate and onto the other side.

Once on the other side, Chaz recommends that you explore the area as much as you can as it looks like a possible future area for DLC, although be warned that parts of it are most definitely unfinished, including a manhole which allows you to see right under the map. One of the coolest things you may stumble upon is the large warship which has been nicknamed ‘Intrepid’ by players; it’s definitely worth a look!

Chaz’s video at this point shows you how to access other areas including Dewitt Park which is where you will want to head next to access Central Park. At the edge of Dewitt Park, you should then see an overpass with a lorry you can climb on. Climb up the lorry and onto the overpass, and then you must proceed along the overpass until you come to the area of the map which contains Central Park. He ends his video there, stopping short of showing Central Park, so you will need to do some exploring yourself to locate Central Park once inside, although it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

It’s likely that these glitches will be patched out shortly, so if you’re interested in checking out Central Park as well as numerous previously unknown locations, you will have to act quick!

Source: *Reddit

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