Tropico 5 Cheats for PC

If you are looking for ways to boost El Presidente’s power even further on his island paradise of Tropico, you’ve come to the right place with these Tropico 5 cheats for PC. Besides, I’m sure your citizens will barely notice $100,000 being transferred into your bank account, it’s just another day at the office on Tropico!

tropico 5 cheats
Tropico 5

In order to input these codes, you must press and hold RIGHT SHIFT on your keyboard and type in the code you would like from the list below:

Tropico 5 Cheats


  • ifoundtheplans – Unlocks all missions
  • meepmeep – Complete any construction instantly
  • penultimoroxx – Instant win
  • llamalottery – Adds $100,000
  • leveltwelvepaladin – Maximize all workers’ experience and have students graduate instantly
  • lelaw – No prerequisites for edicts
  • scotch – Increase US relations by +20
  • kurwa –  Increase USSR relations by +20
  • noscotch – Decrease US relations by -20
  • redsquared – Decrease USSR relations by -20
  • spinnyspinny – Create a Tornado outbreak
  • dryspell – Bring about a Drought disaster
  • shakennotstirred – Creates an Earthquake disaster
  • eldiablo – Start a Fire disaster
  • surfsup – Have a Hurricane hit Tropico



Tropico 5 will be heading to Xbox One in Spring 2016 and will feature exclusive Xbox One content. The game is already available on PC, Xbox 360 and PC.

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