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Top 5 Differences in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Ever since Super Smash Bros. came out on the nostalgic platform Nintendo 64, it has been a worldwide success. People play it for fun, people play it at events, and some people even play competitively around the world. Without a doubt, I believe the newest addition to the Smash family, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, will be able to live up to its name. But, before you jump into this game, I will be going over 5 differences you will be experiencing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


5. Battle Rules 1st, Stage Selection 2nd, Character Selection 3rd in Vs. Mode

When you’re with a group of friends that love playing Smash, you obviously want to play v.s. mode. You might want to give your friends a fair warning about the menu changes that came with this game. In the past games, you are allowed to choose your character first and choose a location last. The roles have been flipped this time around. Before you even get to the stage selection screen, you will see the rule settings menu first, followed by the stage selection screen and right after that comes the character selection screen. I love this new idea because certain rules favor players who play in their own unique way, and stages favor particular characters and their chosen skill sets. So, this makes the player think on their feet to adjust to the rules and stage. Players this time around really have to choose a more suitable character for the battle at hand.


4. Battle Modes: Squad Strike & Smashdown

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also delivers two new battle modes. The first one is called Squad Strike. While I was playing this mode, I felt some strong Pokemon battle vibes. You can have 5v5 or 3v3 battles, and you keep on fighting till one side is left victorious. You can play this mode by yourself, but it is highly recommended that you play with other people. It makes the experience that much more interesting and captivating to play. The second newest battle mode is Smashdown. This mode is interesting and can be a tad bit stressful if you are the type of person to only use one or two characters in the roster. Characters are eliminated in each round, which then limits your choices for characters and requires a massive amount of strategy. If you love messing up your friends’ gameplay, this is a good way to screw them up.


3. Shine Bright Like a Winner and Show It Off

Trying to figure out who is winning in a time-based fight can be extremely frustrating. Now this frustration can now be thrown out the window. This game has a new feature that has characters occasionally flash a gold sparkle, letting people know that their character is winning, and the damage meter now also displays tenths of a damage percentage. Furthermore, if you’re the type of person to be behind in a stock fight and hate it being rubbed in your face, well, you are not going to like this new feature either. During one-on-one stock fights, the stock count of both fighters will be displayed on the screen for a few seconds whenever a stock is lost after a fighter is knocked off the stage.


2. Perfect Shields

Originally, a perfect shield happens when you press the shield button as you get hit. Up to this point, many had the ability to pull it off with no real risk. Now going forward though, you’ll have to time it cautiously by releasing the shield button as you get hit. Shields are more essential than ever. You may be anxious to utilize the perfect shield move by timing your block perfectly that you’ll interfere with your adversary’s assault, making them solidify for a brief instant. This will enable you to deliver a staggering crush assault or begin a series of combos of your own. It’s better to realize how important this technique is and utilize it in competitions in the near future.


1. Faster One-on-One Fights

When it comes to duels, they can be relatively quick, or they can drag on for ages. Players have been begging for a quicker way to have fun but fast duels. Sakurai has come to grant all gamers’ wishes. 1v1 matches will have damage ratios and launch powers increased. In addition to the fact that this avoids a massive amount of gameplay being drawn out, it ups the ante and makes things more spicy for all competitors.

Hope this list helps you tackle your way through the newest addition to the Smash family. Read our review of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate HERE

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