Indie Game Watch #1 – Dragon Fin Soup


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  • Title – Dragon Fin Soup
  • Developer – Grimm Bros (Founded in March 2014)
  • Platforms – PC, PS4, PS3, PS Vita
  • Release Date – 3rd November 2015
  • Genre – Action RPG, Rougelike
  • Kickstarted – Yes (Made a total of $119,719 from 4044 backers)





Indie developers Grimm Bros, are a 5 man strong group, with a heavy focus on high quality games set in a world of fairy tales and dark humour. Dragon Fin Soup which is their debut game, will be released on November 3rd. Not only is it coming out soon, but it also features on Novembers PS Plus free game of the month, So you basically have no real excuse not to download it and give it a chance. With such a catchy name and with 2 members of Grimm Bros working in the industry for over 15 years, Dragon Fin Soup has the ingredients to be a very successful game. Dragon Fin Soup blends the action RPG and Rougelike genres together whilst adding humour to the twisted and dark fairy tale world.

The game and story follows female Red Robin, an alcoholic mercenary, who lost her memory but now her dark bloody past is coming back to haunt her with vengeance. Now Robin drinks to forget events of her past. As the story unfolds and with every twist in the plot the player is pulled deeper into a world of murder, conspiracies and magic.





Beautiful HD World – The world of Dragon Fin Soup is charming, colourful, detailed and designed to look fantastic on consoles, handhelds and PC

Deep Tactical Combat – Combat features multiple tactical elements such as directional damage, various ranged attacks, melee, magic, DOT and AOA.

Dynamically Generated World – The world of Asura is dynamically generated with a large numbers of prefabricated landmarks, scripted events and random gameplay elements.

Fluid Turn based Gameplay – Streamlined controls, movement and combat allow for you to set your own pace of progression.  Choose to speed-up to quickly move and strike or slow-down to carefully plan your next move.

Mini Games & Puzzles – If you ever get tired of killing, you can instead kick back and relax! Go fishing or pick up a shovel and dig some holes into the ground, who knows what you may find? There is much to do in DFS aside of spilling blood!

Twisted Characters – In Dragon Fin Soup there are no lame stereotypical heroes. The game features fairy tale inspired characters each with their own deep flaws, witty humor, abilities, and motivations. The first tale begins with Red Robin, whose dark bloody past has come back to haunt her with a vengeance.

Unpredictable Weather & Day/Night Cycles – Each time you visit or revisit a location a new kind of weather will be picked randomly.  Day and night cycles gradually progress the more game turns pass. Beware of dangerous monsters rumored to hunt during specific times.


Check out the trailer:




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