October 26: Gaming Respawn Plays

Stephen Jackson – Chief Editor

This week, I’ve been spending most of my time trying to gain my competitive rank in CS:GO and all was going well until my computer decided that it didn’t like CS:GO and began shutting down on me unpredictably. The funny thing is, any other game it is fine and can run all the latest games on high settings yet CS:GO it just does not like. My computer seems to have issues running games which shouldn’t be very demanding. Safe to say that it put an end to me playing CS:GO competitive as I don’t want to get penalized again for leaving a match which wasn’t my fault.

I picked up Fallout 3 on PC during the flash sale as I’ve been craving some Fallout action ever since I pre-ordered my copy of Fallout 4. It’s been years since I have graced the Capital Wasteland on my Xbox 360 and even thought I played all the DLC and completed Fallout 3, I’m enjoying going back to the base game after so many years. It’s amazing how many new things you pick up as you get older, as well as the memories of that time.

Asides from that, I have been giving Life is Feudal: Your Own a really good go. I purchased the game when it first came out last year but never really played it. The release of Wurm Unlimited got me interested and then I remembered Life is Feudal. It’s had a lot of updates and now looks brilliant and runs much much better. It’s definitely a niche game and not for those short on time but if you are looking for a hard hardcore survival game, Life is Feudal should definitely be on your radar.

Once the beta of Football Manager 2016 hits though, hopefully later this week, I expect that to be all I’ll be playing.


Michael Fitzgerald – Writer

In the past week I finally bit the bullet and picked up a Nintendo Wii U. This was mostly a result of watching the excellent Super Mario Maker videos on Game Grumps (Just as Scott Keith did. Nintendo really ought to think of cutting Arin and Danny a cheque for all the great free pub they’ve been getting for the game). They made the game look a lot of fun so I finally plumped up the cash and bought a Wii U boxed with Mario Maker itself. It’s pretty cool actually as I got the console itself, Mario Maker, an Amiibo figure and a really nice art book all boxed in together. Additionally I picked up Super Mario 3D Worlds and Super Mario Wii U, because I bloody love me some Mario.

Thus far I’ve been mostly playing Mario Maker and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. The only annoying thing is that you have to start out with a basic pack of tools before you can upgrade and start making more interesting levels. That being said, the game is a lot of fun and I love challenging myself by trying to create a level that could actually pass as something you’d get in a real Mario game. I don’t quite think I’ve managed it thus far, but I’ll stick at it and I might even share some of the levels with you fine folk at some point.

I’ve only played about 30 minutes of 3D Land thus far and it’s alright but I’m not over enthused as of yet. As a general rule I prefer the 2D Mario’s and quite frankly I find the cat suit power up silly even for a Mario game, and that’s saying something! I do like that you can switch between Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad ala Super Mario 2 and I certainly didn’t hate the gaming experience. I’ve barely played it thus far so maybe some more time with it will change my tune? I’ve not played the 2D game, but it’s on my “to do” list.

I’ve also been playing a very well known game for this weeks Retro Respawn, so make sure to look out for that one on Tuesday!


Daniel Garcia-Montes – Writer

Well, I finished up Prototype and had a blast, as usual. That game may not have had the best narrative around and the different missions I took part in were basically just excuses to cause a bunch of random destruction…but I’m cool with that. I’m currently finishing up Prototype 2, which pretty much improved on everything that was wrong with its predecessor. Progression through the story and all the different missions were more substantial and actually served a purpose. Even the sense of progression with upgrading the main character’s powers was well done and actually made me feel like I was slowly but surely turning into a real powerhouse, which was accomplished by consuming certain enemies and taking their skills and powers. In the first game I had to basically keep playing missions and killing enemies to gain experience points (basically, I was grinding) and choose different powers, which was fine, but simply less interesting. Both are fun games, so it’s a shame we’ll likely never get a Prototype 3 since the developer Radical Entertainment went under a couple of years back. Sometimes the life of a gamer can be tragic.
Once I’m done with Prototype 2, I will revisit Darksiders, which is pretty much a gamer’s only option to experience a Zelda game on his PlayStation (mixed in with some God of War elements as well). My goal is to finish Darksiders as quickly as possible and then get Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition for the PS4, which I will review in great detail on this site at a later date. I’m hoping this new edition fixes the issues that were present in the original PS3 version, which involved game breaking freezing. Honestly, I think I chose a great time to play all these games. What better way to celebrate the season of Halloween by playing games where I control a couple of virus-spawned shapeshifters who literally gobble up their enemies, then spending some time playing as two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Happy Halloween to my fellow Gaming Respawn nerds, I mean gamers, and those who enjoy our site’s content.

Daniel Choppen & Jesse Marsella – Secret Ponchos

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