PUBG Invitational Duos First-Person Roundup – Day 3

The PUBG Invitational Duos First-Person event is the one fans have been looking forward to all week. First-person shooters are the backbone of the eSports world. For all of the advantages of…

Game 1

It’s happened again! A team that qualified during the open Community Qualifier has won a game against professional gamers! Mazarini & spajKK of team Kings of Sosnovka take the first chicken dinner of the day.

There’s a stark difference in the tactics the teams are choosing to employ today. Teams are preferring to fight close quarters, in buildings and compounds, before being forced out into the open during the end game. First-Person could be the future of competitive PUBG.

Game 2

After a false start, game 2 finally got underway, and we have our first win from a professional team. TheCloud9 boys have their first win of the tournament, thanks to SOLIDFPS & iam_chappie.
The circle closed amongst the foliage East of Gatka, leaving players scrambling for huts, ridges, bushes and long grass to use as cover. The deadly accuracy of the pro teams made short work of anybody not in solid cover.

It’s no surprise to see the professional teams doing well in the first-person event. Most of the teams competing here at Gamescom play professional CS:GO, one of the most famous FPS games of all time. C9 leads Kings of Sosnovka by 75 points going into Game 3. It’s all to play for!

Game 3

Wow! Andypyro is on fire, he takes out 9 players, 6 of them in the final 10! It’s incredible play, but it isn’t enough to take top spot. The Cloud9 guys have stayed alive long enough to claim top spot in the overall leaderboard.

This is definitely not a shock result. These guys play first-person shooters for a living. They get paid to be good at first-person shooters. They were the favourites, and they have delivered. Cloud9’s Chappie & SOLIDFPS take the title of PUBG Invitational Duos First-Person Champions! And of course, perhaps even more important than the money, they receive the coveted Golden pan!

Come back to Gaming Respawn tomorrow, as we cover the final day of the Gamescom PUBG Invitational.

We also covered the PUBG Invitational Solos and Duos third-person events, check them out!

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