PUBG Invitational Solo Tournament Roundup – Day 1

The first round of the first ever offline PUBG Invitational Solo Tournament took place this afternoon at the ESL Arena in Cologne, Germany.

The event will take place over 3 games of Solo mode, with points being awarded for final position & total kills. The top 15 players will win a share of the $46,000 prize pool.

Round 1

The first match got underway live on Twitch, Facebook & YouTube at 4:20pm GMT, with Team SoloMid’s BreaK taking the first chicken dinner thanks to his 11 kills. The initial drop at Ruins looked to be a mistake for BreaK, but a classic bridge camp supplied the Brit with all the loot he could handle. A little luck came along by way of the last circle, but a trademark sprayed headshot ended the final battle at the 33 minute mark.

Round 2

Round 2 got underway with a central, East to West plane. After a wide spread of players, the circle closed around Mylta City, leaving players to fight it out amongst the wheat fields for the final battle.

Overwatch streamer Evermore killed Team Liquid’s Scoom to take the second of tonight’s 3 chicken dinners, earning himself 5 kills on his road to victory. TSM_BreaK leads the pack after game 2 with 635 points, with Evermore a close 2nd at 605 points.

Round 3

It’s all over. A similar drop to the last game spread the players all across the map, but a military island circle made things interesting. Evermore continued his strategy of getting a boat and sailing to spawn island for some opening loot.

After acquiring some basic loot and plenty of meds, he took his boat all the way to the south side of military island. All Evermore had to do was out-live TSM_BreaK, and that he did, eventually dying to the playzone in 8th place.

PUBG Invitational Solo

Your PUBG Invitational Solo Tournament champion is Evermore, with TSM_BreaK coming in 2nd.

Visit Gaming Respawn tomorrow for updates on the PUBG Duos TPP Event.

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