PUBG Invitational Duos Tournament Roundup – Day 2

It’s finally time for the Gamescom PUBG Invitational Duos tournament! Duos is widely considered as the perfect way to play PUBG, with most pros playing duos exclusively. There’s something exhilarating about having one dude there to defend you, one guy to drag you back up if (when) you get shot in the head.

The tournament got underway at 16:00pm GMT at the ESL Arena in Cologne, Germany. 40 teams of 2 will battle it out for their share of the $62,000 prize money. Today’s tournament will be played in third-person, with tomorrow’s event being played in first-person.

Game 1

WtcNN & Mithrain of Team Bosphoruss claimed the victory in the first game of the PUBG Invitational Duos tournament. The circle favoured them throughout the match, and the final battle with Cloud9 was all but over when the circle landed with TeamBosphoruss in a perfect bit of cover.

Online, fans expressed their displeasure over the amount of teams camping in the blue-zone, or in some cases, camping underwater. For the next PUBG tournament, it would be a welcome change to see more points awarded for kills rather than final position. At the minute, teams are rewarded 500 points for a win but just 4 points per kill. More kill points would definitely lead to more action-packed games in the future.

Team Bosphoruss leads the way in the leaderboard after game 1. The two Cloud9 teams look strong and are currently in 2nd and 5th place.

Game 2

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Another circle starts to close along the coast, and there are about 20 players all camping underwater. As the circle closed, all of the submerged players died to playzone. The 20 remaining players quickly dwindled down to 3 as the circle closed.

Amazingly, the winners of the Open Community Qualifier tournament have won the 2nd game! Yukiiie & THZ took the second chicken dinner of the day after qualifying just a few hours ago! This result has blown the tournament wide open, with none of the top 3 from Game 1 coming in the top 10 of this game. It’s all to play for heading into Game 3.

Game 3

Amazing. The winners of the Open Community Qualifier have won the PUBG Invitational Duos Tournament. Yukiiie & THZ won by 20 points, beating out game 1 winners wtcNN & Mithtrain & one of the Cloud9 teams.

It’s a fairytale ending for the duo, who will play against each other during the Squads event in a few days. They will walk away with their share of the prize money, as well as the coveted Golden Pan.

There you have it, team Suisse My Baguette have pulled off the upset of the week. They saw off world famous teams such as Cloud9 & Team SoloMid on their way to a famous win for the duo. Join us on again tomorrow here at Gaming Respawn for the PUBG Invitational Duos FPP event.

If you missed any of yesterday’s Solo tournament action, check out our round up right here.

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