Happy Birthday To US! Gaming Respawn Celebrates Two Years

Hey there, I’m Stephen Jackson and in case you didn’t know, I’m Gaming Respawn’s Editor-in-Chief.

As a kid growing up, I never truly understood what adults meant when they said that time flies by when you get older. A naive younger me just believed that the speed of time always felt the same, regardless of how old you got. With my journey through adulthood well and truly underway though, it pains me to say that time does indeed, fly by. In fact, it flies by far too quickly for my liking.

That point has been emphasised by the fact that this week sees Gaming Respawn celebrating our two year anniversary of being in existence. Despite being aware that this great milestone was approaching, as with everything in life, it crept up on me far too quickly.

With that said, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every single person who has ever visited Gaming Respawn and read one of our articles, or two, or hopefully many. Whether or not you’ve left a comment, positive or negative (we do read every single one), liked our page on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, bookmarked the site or visit us on a regular basis, it means so much to us. The fact that in two years, half a million strangers on the internet have come and read our articles is truly astonishing and makes everything we do worthwhile. That’s visitors, not views by the way. That’s the power of the internet and the age we live in, it’s allowed for independent sites like ours to spring up and to do one of the things we enjoy most, writing about video games. Better still, we get to share that love and passion with each other and best of all, you guys.

When I first launched Gaming Respawn back in May 2015, I had a vision in mind of what kind of site I wanted us to become. I wanted a site that was above all else, professional and one that had integrity. It makes me incredibly proud to see that after nearly 2000 articles, that vision I had in my mind back then has been realised and that vision still continues to grow to this day.

However, that vision would not have been fulfilled had it not been for the talented and amazing team that work incredibly hard behind the scenes producing and editing content for Gaming Respawn. Without these guys, the site would only be a shadow of the site you see before you today.

Therefore to anyone who has previously contributed to Gaming Respawn, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to those who are with us presently, I could produce page upon page of reasons why you guys are amazing and the difference you’ve made to Gaming Respawn. But there a few people who do a lot of work behind the scenes that our viewers may not be aware of and for that they deserve a special mention.

First and foremost, our Reviews Editor Ian Cooper works tirelessly behind the scenes on the reviews you see on Gaming Respawn. Whether it’s getting in contact with developers and publishers, organising our review schedule or checking and publishing each and every one of our reviews, the work Ian does is exceptional. Did I mention that he also pretty much runs our Facebook and Twitter page? There’s not much that he doesn’t do…

Then there’s our Subeditors, Alec Hawley and Daniel Garcia-Montes who are responsible for checking every article that is published and ensuring that they are in top-tip condition. It’s something that you guys may not necessarily be aware of when you’re reading our articles, but it can be a time consuming process but one that is vital to ensuring our professionalism.

Last but not least is of course all of our contributors who have helped massively in getting Gaming Respawn to where it is today.

To celebrate our 2nd Birthday, we’ve got some birthday themed content in the pipelines as well as some other goodies to celebrate us turning 2. As for the future of Gaming Respawn, we’ve got some big plans lined up. We look forward to producing even more content for you guys over the next 12 months. As always, we’re always open to feedback and we love hearing from you guys. You can get in touch with us via our contact form, or via our social media channels which are linked below.

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